Historic Fort Ogden a few miles northeast of Punta Gorda is just over the Charlotte County line. Its history since its founding just after the Third Seminole War in 1841 will be linked with ours. 

Most of Charlotte's earliest communities and towns are not even ghost towns, they have completely disappeared. Towns like  Hickory Bluff, Live Oak, Southland, Cleveland, Liverpool and Hull, are gone with barely a record. So is the railroad that connected them all by 1896.

The bare bones of a once important town are still there, the church and the school., the civilizing agents for a once violent and unpredictive community. The Charlotte County Florida Historical Society will be using its resources to preserve the valuable history of one of our oldest and dearest neighbors.

Fort Ogden's history as a major  community lasted only 25 years. Those 25 years however, tell the real story of how it all came to be in Charlotte County. The grave stones in the Fort Ogden Cemetery are a remembrance of the pioneers who persevered here, when it was wilderness, raising generations of brave nd enterprising south Floridians. 

If we are to save our history, then much attention must be paid

Fort Ogden train depot
Fort Ogden train depot