The Seminole Struggle March 11, 1pm

Award-Winning Authors John & Marylou Missall

Historians and authors John and Marylou Missall will be presenting from their new book, The Seminole Struggle at our March meeting.  When they published their initial work on the Seminole Wars in 2004, the authors lamented the fact that such an important series of events was widely unknown to the American public in general and to the majority of Floridians. Not that they should have been surprised: The war was fought in one small corner of the nation and therefore of little concern to Americans as a whole, and most Floridians weren’t born in the state and would have had little opportunity to learn about the wars. Yet it shouldn’t have been that way. The Seminole Wars were a major conflict for the nation and arguably one of the most formative events for the State of Florida. The Indian Wars of the American West are famous worldwide, yet the Seminole Wars were bigger than any western Indian war. The foundations for most of Florida’s great cities are a result of the Seminole Wars, yet few of those cities’ residents are aware of the fact. It was an historical oversight they felt was in need of correction. “You will not find the kind of in-depth research of the people and their times anywhere else. The Missalls bring the entire history to life” Ted Ehmann. Books will be available for sale and for signing that evening.


A history of Charlotte County, April 8, 1 PM

Charlotte County Historian & Author Ted Ehmann

Join Ted Ehmann was he previews his forthcoming book in preparation for the county’s centennial in 2021. Historian and author, Ehmann’s research revealed quite different accounts of our county’s founding and the people who played an important role here. Previous histories by Williams & Cleveland and Peeples were a disconnected array of stories, more myth than truth. With the introduction of computer and digital archives and collections, Ehmann was able to not only discover the true facts, but most importantly a narrative with distinctive trends and repeating themes from the 1870s to the present. While not intended, what resulted from years of research is a “tell all” book that reveals the lies, deception, scandals and land frauds that comprise Charlotte County’s Past.

Those who attend will receive a coupon for 20% off a signed copy of his book A History of Charlotte County Florida, currently in production


Ehmann is founder of the Charlotte County Florida Historical Society. His books include this one coming out in 2020-2021, by the History Press, as well as Boom & Bust In Bone Valley, the history of phosphate mining in Florida, Shotwell Publishing 2020, and The People of the Great Circle, Prehistoric Mound Builders In South Florida, currently available by Pineapple Press. 


May 6 FIELD TRIP FLYER- Gasparilla Island