Our past 100 years, a history of bloodshed and opportunities

Find out what was going on in Charlotte County and the world in 1921.

Pictured here is the hero of the day, Punta Gorda hardware store owner and avid boatsman Francis ( Frank ) Marion Cooper. After 20 long and contentious years, Cooper was elected State Senator for DeSoto County. In his second term he finally got Charlotte County to be created. The same year he died suddenly, never to see the fruits of his long efforts.

The Charlotte County Florida Historical Society

Bridging our past and shaping our future. Our history not only tells us where we have been, but is a leading indicator of where we are headed. The Society is here to fulfill the legacy of the Charlotte Harbor Area Historical Society and its historian founders, Lindsay Williams and U.S. Cleveland in the 20th Century.

We may be old, but are we wiser?

Charlotte County has lost the majority of our historic buildings and places at an alarming rate. Please help us protect and preserve our historyfor future generations.

Pictured right: State Senator Francis ( Frank) Marion Cooper, Desoto County 1920

Charlotte County Centennial 2021

Find out what plans are being made to celebrate our first 100 years.

Charlotte County Centennial 2021

Help us make our anniversary special.

How many streets in Charlotte County are named after the people in our history?

Planning for our centennial, is a perfect time to call attention to our need for preserving our past.

In 2021, the Charlotte County Florida Historical Society will publish more of our  history, not just the stories of the select few of the peoples and places. Research it, write it and preserve it.

Celebrating women & their vote

August 2020 will be the 100th Anniversary of the Radification of the 19th Amendment. Our Society is planning an entire year of celebrating Charlotte County's great women

The Charlotte County Florida Historical Society is researching and planning for the Centennial Celebration of Women's Rights to Vote.  We will be sponsoring numerous presentations on the role women played in Charlotte County's history, as well as focusing on several of our county's " great Women" with a special dinner and awards ceremony. If you have a woman in our history, that you wish to nominate, send your nomination to our society president, Linda Elligott @ lewildland@gmail.com



We wish to thank our bank, Wells Fargo for their commitment to celebrating the local history for each and every branch of the bank in the United States. Wells Fargo had 9 branches in Charlotte County, check out the historical lobby displays.